Wyoming FOP

How do I join?

Once you have determined that you are eligible to be a member and which lodge you are interested in, just click on the application of the coordinating lodge under the Wyoming Lodges tab.

Only the Wapiti Lodge application is available to be submitted online at this time.  If you are joining another lodge, simply print out the application, fill it out, then return the application along with your check for required membership dues, to the lodge address listed under the Wyoming Lodges tab.

After your membership application and funds have been secured, your information will be sent to National FOP by the lodge or State Secretary.  After the Grand Lodge receives your application, you will be issued a membership number and mailed a membership card.  Once you have the number, you can apply for FOP Legal Defense Fund. 

Any questions regarding membership or the status of your FOP membership number should be directed to State President Trimble.  Her contact information is available on the Contact tab or Executive Board tab.